Company Overview


Four Seasons Education (Cayman) Inc. is a leading after-school math education service provider for elementary school students in Shanghai. We believe high quality and effective math education can profoundly benefit students' academic, career and life prospects. Building on our vision to unlock intellectual potential through math education, we started our business initially focusing on math education for elementary school students in Shanghai. We have since expanded our operations and now operate 33 learning centers in five cities in China. Over the years, our students have participated in various domestic and international mathematics competitions and been widely recognized for their outstanding scores.  Largely as a result of this recognition, since our inception, 38 well-known K-12 schools in Shanghai have invited our teachers to deliver our proprietary math courses in their schools.

Our proprietary educational content is designed to cultivate our students' interest in math and enhance their cognitive and logic abilities. We develop our educational content through a systematic development process and update it regularly based on student performance and feedback. This allows us to effectively drive better learning outcomes and serve students of different ages, aptitude levels and learning objectives. Our programs are primarily focused on math, and in recent years have expanded our subject offerings to also include physics, chemistry, languages and critical thinking. Our faculty is led by a group of experienced senior educators, including recognized scholars, award-winning teachers, world-class competition champions and top mathematics Olympiad coaches in China.

Price Data
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